The Full 90: A Course for Busy Soccer Parents 

Learn How to Help Your Athlete Maximize Energy & Endurance on the Field

In this self-paced course, you will:

  • Find realistic, approachable meal and snack ideas that don’t break the bank 

  • Reduce overwhelm when coming up with nutritionally balanced meal and snack ideas using Jaimee’s step by step process that anyone can follow

  • Receive guides that help you plan out each week’s meals and snacks (including for the days you’re on the road)

  • Learn how to help your athlete feed themselves by following easy sports nutrition guidelines

The best part? You can download the guides to your phone, and you can listen to the video modules like a podcast!

"We joined the program to help our daughter learn how to eat better to help keep her energy up throughout soccer games (and to also stay healthy and strong). This program has been great for our daughter and our whole family! We are so grateful!" -Arcelia

Hi, I'm Jaimee

I’ve been a Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist for over 8 years. 

Before becoming a sports dietitian I was a high-performing soccer player with big dreams. I played at Middle Tennessee and then as a semi-pro. 

But after two ACL injuries and struggles to maintain fitness I thought my body just wasn’t made for soccer. 

I was crushed when I discovered that my slow recovery and lack of energy was the result of the way I was eating and not just that my body wasn’t up to par for the demands I was putting on it. 

I was simply underfueled to meet those demands. 

If I knew then what I know now those big dreams could have become reality. 

Now I work with soccer parents to teach them how to create a simple nutrition and fueling strategy so they can perform at their very best, recovery quickly, and feel amazing!

Here's What I Want You to Know About The Full 90 Course:

"Since starting this program [with my parents], I have been more focused in school, practices and games. I have learned how to fuel myself when I have busy Saturdays with multiple soccer games and running meets. This has allowed me to be successful in both soccer and cross country, with a top 5 cross country finish in the district and improving my level of soccer." -Alex, 12

You're a Great Fit for The Full 90 Course If...

  • You wish you had an idea of what your athlete should be eating throughout the week to keep their energy up 

  • You would find it helpful to have quick reference meal and snack guides so you can make sure your child eats breakfast and packs a nutritious snack for before and after practice 

  • You need an outside voice when it comes to helping your child understand the importance of sports nutrition and eating throughout the day for energy boosts

  • Listening to the course videos, like a podcast in the car with your athlete, would help you both better understand where soccer nutrition fits into the trifecta of training, sleeping, and eating

"Some improvements I've seen in my athlete since joining the program are: less headaches, stomach aches, fatigue and more energy on the field, more confidence, and feeling good at the end of activity instead of completely drained." -Karen

This Self-Paced Course Unlocks All the Secrets to

Boost Performance

Have consistent energy, power, focus and quickness, plus play stronger on the ball. 

Decrease Injury Risk

Keep the fuel tank full for a full 90 minutes.

Improve Mood

Hungry players are hangry players, and soccer should be fun!

Increase Confidence

Know exactly how to answer the question, “Okay, so what should I eat?”

Reduce Overwhelm

Head into the week with all of your meals and snacks planned out using my guides.

Achieve Goals

Learn and then teach your child how to fuel up to achieve their soccer goals.

“Taking your tips my son is playing much better than when we were (mistakenly) pushing protein. He typically plays the full match and can swing from midfield to defender to wing. He can win 1v1 and run down the ball. Approaching food as fuel has made ALL the difference for him. Now he knows it’s not just ‘mom nagging’ but it’s science-based and intended to help him achieve his goals.” -Christine

In the Course You'll Receive the Answer to Questions Such As:

Here's Everything That's Covered in The Full 90 Course

Suggested 12 Week Curriculum (but you can go at your own pace -- and you can listen to the modules in the car like a podcast):

  • Pre-work: Welcome/Mindset/Understanding Underfueling

  • Week 1: How to Build Complete Meals to Fuel Your Family

  • Week 2: Macronutrients 101, Learn the Roles Carbs, Protein, and Fat Play in a Fueling Strategy and When to Focus on Each

  • Week 3: Creating the perfect Power Snack

  • Week 4: Creating the perfect Energy Snack

  • Week 5: Hydration 101, Understanding the Athlete's Need for Electrolytes and Which Sports Drinks Have them

  • Week 6: Listening to the Body's Hunger Cues

  • Week 7: Listening to the Body's Fullness Cues

  • Week 8: Creating the perfect Recovery Snack

  • Week 9: What to Focus on Eating During Training Days vs Rest Days

  • Week 10: Putting Together a Balanced Game Day Meal vs Pre-Game Meal

  • Week 11: Understanding the Importance of Meal and Snack Timing for Training and Games

  • Week 12: Meal Planning 101

What Parents and Athletes Are Saying

This is helped my 11 year old daughter so much! Her coach even noticed the difference three weeks after starting this!” - Lori

“My husband and I purchased this course to assist our 10yo and 13yo son. They both play competitive soccer and we wanted to be able to teach them about nutrition for athletes so we could all learn how to make more efficient fueling choices. Breaking it down in modules that had short quizzes was a great way to absorb info into little chunks. The examples of food items/food choices from restaurants was a great guide as well.” - Jennifer

I learned so much about how food impacts my performance and how important it is to get the right kinds of foods before and after practices and games and what type of foods I need.” -High School Soccer Player

"This program gave me confidence in my daughter’s ability to meal plan for herself. I loved the fact that, in her first ECNL showcase, she chose her own meals based on performance instead of what was easier or more popular with some of her teammates. It’s taught her to think for herself and make good choices in nutrition and all aspects of life." -Chris

"If you want your kid to have more energy, better focus, and to get stronger, this program will help you achieve that." -Carina

"I learned so much about how food impacts my performance, and how important it is to get the right kind of foods before and after practices and games. It has taken my game to the next level." -Middle School Soccer Player

I'm worried I don't have time to do the course...

I made this course specifically so that it would fit into the busy schedule of a soccer parent!

There are quick reference meal and snack guides you can download to your phone, and you can listen to the course modules like a podcast in the car!


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The first call will be March 26th at 6:30pm ET

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